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Retail Estates invests mainly in retail properties located on the periphery of residential areas or along access roads to urban centres.


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Retail Estates is a public regulated real estate company ('RREC' – ‘Belgian REIT’) investing in out-of-town retail properties located outside the largest cities of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Its most important goal is to assemble, manage and extend a portfolio of peripheral retail properties, which ensures steady, long-term growth, due to its location and the quality and diversification of its tenants. The predetermined growth results both from the value of the asset and the income generated from leasing.

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* The pie charts show percentages based on the total retail area on 30 September 2023

Our portfolio for rent

Retail Estates seeks to have as many different retail sectors as possible represented in its list of tenants, with a preference for sectors known to have valuable retail outlets. In times of economic hardship, not all retail sectors are equally affected by a possible fall in turnover. A good distribution over various sectors limits the risks attached to negative economic developments.

Retail Estates - Heerlen plein II
Heerlen plein II
In de cramer 96A

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Retail Estates - Tongeren
Luikersteenweg 151
3700 Tongeren

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Retail Estates - Thuin
Rue d’Anderlues 110 -Ruelle Fontaine Renaux
6530 Thuin

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Latest news

Half-year results financial year 2023-2024

Half-year results financial year 2023-2024


Half-year report 2023-2024

Half-year report 2023-2024

Retail Estates finalizes acquisition of retail park Alexandrium II Megastores in Rotterdam

Retail Estates finalizes acquisition of retail park Alexandrium II Megastores in Rotterdam